Tips And Tricks For Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Tips and tricks for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 are extremely useful when navigating the Internet. Shortcuts can save time and bookmarks are great for remembering important sites. Internet Explorer 9 is a great choice to have as a web browser. It has good popup blockers and phishing detectors. The tips and tricks below can help any user regardless of experience.

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  1. Zoom: Zooming in is a great option for users that require larger text. Simply hold down the “CTRL” key and scroll in or out using the mouse wheel.
  2. Tabs: Tabs are great for having multiple web pages open at the same time. To open a new tab, double click in the area to the right of an existing tab. This will open a new tab ready for user input. To close a tab, hold down “CTRL” on the keyboard and press “W.”
  3. Menu Bar: The menu bar has options that users might want to access. To view the menu bar hold “ALT” on the keyboard. Make a selection and release “ALT.” The menu bar will disappear after letting go of “ALT.”
  4. Full Screen: Full screen is useful for enlarging a web page to view all of its contents without having to scroll. To enable full screen in Internet Explorer 9 press “F11” on the keyboard. To disable full screen hit “F11” again.
  5. Favorites: A great Internet Explorer trick is the use of Favorites. Favorites allow users to collect their favorite web sites and store their addresses in a convenient location. To enable favorites right-click in a blank area and click “Favorites Bar.”
  6. Tab Room: The tabs in Internet Explorer 9 can seem a bit crowded at times. Along with the search box the tabs can be customized to have more or less room. To adjust the room put the cursor in between the search box and a tab. The cursor will change to a left/right option. Slide the cursor in the desired direction and it will adjust accordingly.
  7. Common Shortcuts: Daily tasks can be achieved by selecting the desired option in the menu bar. Users that want to save time should use these Internet Explorer 9 tricks. To print, hold down “CTRL” on the keyboard and press “P.” This completes the same action as clicking on “File” then selecting “Print.” To refresh the page hold down “CTRL” and press “R.” To completely close Internet Explorer 9 hold down “ALT” and press “F4.” Many keyboard shortcuts are shown next to their respective menu bar option.

Internet Explorer 9 tips can help users to organize their web browser effectively and safely. Computer users that do not know how to use Internet Explorer 9 should consider researching tips and tricks. Microsoft updates Internet Explorer 9 regularly which means updates should always be installed to ensure the most recent protection. Tips and tricks for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 can be used by anyone to increase their web browsing experience.

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