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Windows 8 Adds New Security Features

Windows 8 user interfaceWith Windows 8 now on the market, the internet is abuzz with details of all the new features that Windows 8 comes with. The most notable new features center around the new tile-based home screen (akin to the Apple iOS and Android interfaces), and a better experience for touchscreen devices. Windows 8 also supports a wider array of devices from  laptops to computer to smartphones and tablets. But what about security, which has always been a major issues for Windows computers?

Here are a couple of new features and enhancements Microsoft has introduced to create a more secure Windows environment.…

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How to Create A Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

Windows 8 Start-Up Time Will Be Faster Than Windows 7 and Windows VistaWindows 8 is now available for sale, and if you are upgrading it’s a great idea to create a password reset disk at the same time, just in case you forget your password down the line. You don’t want to be locked out of your PC without a way to gain access again. Here’s how you can create a password reset disk in Windows 8.

How to Recycle Your Old PC

computer recycling programsComputer systems can be an excellent resource while they work, but once they are old or damaged, they can be challenging to get rid of of. The various parts of your computer are loaded with harmful substances, harmful toxins, and pollutants to make them perform, however, if they are not disposed of properly it can lead to problems.

Recycling is not a well known solution for getting rid of PCs, primarily because it can be a bit challenging to do sensibly. There are several computer recycling programs around the nation, but many PC users are unaware of the options available.…

Why Google Chrome is a Great Web Browser

Google Chrome web browserWith all of the choices available today, it may seem like a difficult task to select the best browser from the most popular choices which may seem to all be quite similar to each other. Though they may look the same at first glance, there are actually quite noticeable differences in the speed, convenience, stability, compatibility and security of each. Which browser or browsers would be your choice?

Google Chrome has 200 million active users now. According to StatCounter, Chrome has been the secondpopular web browser used in computer from January to June 2012, only behind Internet Explorer, and …

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What is Facebook all about?

facebook is a popular social networkOnce upon a time, social networking sites were the conference rooms where meetings took place. Or events where friends and colleagues could mingle and meet new people. Or it was the corner cafe where people met coworkers for drinks after five.

In today’s world, social networking sites are websites on the internet. Facebook is the prime example of a social networking site, where friends can catch up and share their life events and happenings, all without even leaving your living room. Wherever there’s a internet connection, you can connect with friends and family.

With more than 1 billion users, Facebook …

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