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Be Proactive Against Internet Crimes

protect yourself from internet crimes

protect yourself from internet crimesUnfortunately, internet scams and crimes do pay for the criminals who are responsible for them. This is due primarily to the fact that governments are unable to bring perpetrators to justice for such crimes since they are conducted across international boundaries. Therefore, the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of e-crime is to proactively take action to defend yourself.

If you regularly use a computer, whether for work or personal use, data security is something you should be familiar with.…

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Protect Your Kids on the Internet with Internet Monitoring Software

parental control with internet monitoring softwareIf you have children, then you can understand how important it is to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. You can also understand why it is so important to keep your kids safe on the internet, where there are hundreds of thousands of inappropriate and dangerous websites. This is where parental internet monitoring software comes in handy.…

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5 Resources to Keep Yourself Safe on the Internet

Stay safe on the InternetInternet security and safety is one of the top concerns for all PC users. Nowadays, we find ourselves sharing all kinds of personal information on the web from social security numbers to credit card numbers, and even our home addresses. There are hackers and other malevolant individuals whose sole intentions are to steal this invaluable data from unsuspecting Internet users. For this reason, there are steps that every computer user should take to best ensure that you keep your personal information safe and out of the wrong hands.

These five resources should help you take that extra step to protect …

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