Protect Your Kids on the Internet with Internet Monitoring Software

parental control with internet monitoring softwareIf you have children, then you can understand how important it is to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. You can also understand why it is so important to keep your kids safe on the internet, where there are hundreds of thousands of inappropriate and dangerous websites. This is where parental internet monitoring software comes in handy.
Also known as parental control software, these computer programs are the best way to protect your child from threats occurring on the internet. Internet monitoring is accomplished through computer monitoring software with applications adapted for parents to limit access to the web.

Here are some of the benefits of internet monitoring software that can be useful to parents with children of any age from toddler to teenager.

Real-Time Monitoring

This feature enables you to view the internet activities of your kid’s from anywhere at any point of time. Whenever you feel like to see the online activities of your child, you just need to log on from any computer with just an internet connection or you can also log on from your iPhone if you have that application on your phone to monitor activities, setting up website filters and ensuring safe web browsing.

Website Filtering

The powerful feature of website filtration which protects children from abusive websites to ensure their internet safety. You can easily customize the web filter. To make easier for parents for security of children, the community of parents and teachers of such software have built a list of some approved websites for children. This list contains lots of websites which can be useful and knowledgeable for kids that will enable safe and rich web browsing experience for kids.

Setting Daily Time Limits

Here you can set time limits for the regular usage of the internet done by your kids. So with this software installed, you are the one who will decide that how much time your kids need to spend online. This feature can prove to be very helpful for not making your child addictive to the internet.

Internet Shut Off

With the help of this software, if you find your kid doing some activity which you don’t like or which you want them stop doing immediately than you get the control to stop all internet activities immediately by just clicking a simple button in the parental control center online or even with the application available on the iPhone.

Creating Custom Schedules

With the help of this feature present in parental computer monitoring software, you can select certain segments of time which you desire to block your kid’s internet access. These segments of time can be during the study time of the child, or sleeping time of the kid. During these segments of time you can block total access of internet for them.

Setting Time Limits for Specific Websites

By this particular feature you can limit the use of certain websites of kids which you want that your child should not use in excess. These sites can be some gaming website or the social networking sites which you feel your kid is using in excess and wasting his/her time. This feature can be of great help to limit your kid’s time on websites selected by you.

In addition to these, there are many, many more benefit of internet parental monitoring software. If you are interested in protecting your children while they’re on the web, you definitely want to check out internet monitoring software.

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