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How To Format Your Hard Drive

There are many reasons a user will choose to format hard drive on a computer. Ranging from a way to optimize pc strategies or even perhaps to clean a hard drive of all information if selling the machine to another person. A format hard drive procedure is basically the same on all machines and the results should be similar as well.
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What Does That Mean? Defining Computer Terms

“Don’t forget to back-up your data before you reformat your hard drive and install your new OS!”

Learn Computer Terms at Free Computer Maintenance

Is this complete gibberish to you?

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Speed Up Access To Data With Disk Defragmenter

Learn More About Speeding Up Your Computer With Free Computer Maintenance

If you suffer from a slow computer that crashes or freezes then you can use a free computer maintenance tool like Microsoft Disk Defragmenter that will not only speed up access to data but also speed up your computer in general.

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Delete Old Files

Learn About Deleting Old Files For A Faster Computer With Free Computer MaintenancePart of regular computer maintenance is making sure old and unnecessary files in your Recycle Bin are deleted. Not only does deleting files keep your computer more organized but it also keeps your computer from slowing down as it searches for the specific file that you need. Running computer maintenance, like deleting old files, may seem unneeded or without reason, but if files are allowed to accumulate you make soon have a slow computer. New files are stored in your computer every time you access a webpage or download a file. The volume of files saved to your computer …

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