Author: Alan Okpechi

How to Enable God Mode in Windows 7

Windows 7 has already proved to be a drastic improvement over its predecessor. For those of you who have been staying up with the latest Windows 7 news, you may have heard mention of the ‘GodMode’ feature. So what exactly is God Mode? And how can you enable Windows 7 God Mode?…

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3 Fixes for Windows 7 Folder Annoyances

Compared to the barrage of complaints and insults aimed at Microsoft’s previous operating system, Vista, Windows 7 has shed a new light of hope for Microsoft. Although Windows 7 has garnered much more positive reviews than it’s predecessor, these are a few quick fixes you may want to perform for a better user experience. …

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How to Set Windows Vista to Automatically Install Updates

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that provides updates for Windows Vista and its installed components on your computer. Many different kinds of updates can be installed, from security updates to critical system updates that protect against newly discovered malware and system exploits. These updates can provide significant benefits to system security and reliability.

You can set Windows Vista  to automatically install recommended updates. To have Windows install important updates as they become available, automatic updating must be turned on using Windows Update. Follow these steps to turn on automatic updating for Windows Vista:…

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Tips And Tricks For Microsoft Office Excel 2010

The new Microsoft Office Excel 2010 is full of little tricks you can use to make your life easier. The really good news is that some of the tricks have seriously improved usability of Excel by looking at spreadsheets the way users do: as groupings of tables, each of which can be treated individually or as a component of your whole spreadsheet.
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Slow Computer Start-Up: What Can I Do To Restore Computer Performance?

As you wait for your computer to slowly start up you may feel nostalgia for the days when your computer was not a slow computer and start up times were quick and without any errors or problems. Those days are not gone forever and with free computer maintenance you can restore and optimize your computer’s performance. Making your computer faster does not require a team of computer engineers, but it does require time and action. Learn More About Slow Computers at Free Computer MaintenanceNot everyone has the time or patience to perform computer maintenance which is why Free Computer Maintenance offers a free and easy to use PC
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