How To Optimize Windows 7 For Gaming

Nothing can be more aggravating then to have your computer slow down while playing a computer game like Starcraft II, which makes knowing how to optimize a Windows 7 computer for gaming crucial for all of your hardcore gamers out there. I’m sure you all have experienced it either
directly or indirectly through someone else’s computer, but there is no
doubt you have experienced the pain that comes with a slow computer
while playing a game that demands an optimized computer. The more
impressive games out today require lots of system resources, powerful
processors, and massive amounts of hard drive space. Even if you have
all of these recommended requirements your computer may still be too
slow to run your computer game smoothly which is where how to optimize
Windows 7 for gaming comes to save the day.

How To Optimize Windows 7 For Gaming with Free Computer Maintenance

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It is no secret that Windows 7 uses a lot of system resources, but what
exactly are system resources? Otherwise known as RAM, or random access
memory, RAM (system resources) is the physical part of your computer
that stores memory that is acitvely being used by your computer and
also requires free computer maintenance for an optimized PC. Having
only 512 MB of RAM used to be enough to smoothly run Windows XP and
maintain an optimized PC but with the advent of Windows Vista and
Windows 7 came the requirement for more RAM. Every time you open a
program or application, or say a game like Starcraft II your computer
needs to store that game’s information on the RAM to quickly faciliate
the access of information. Saving it on the hard drive would make
gameplay impossible. Even though some hard drives have 7,200 RPMs or
more, this is still very slow compared to how quickly information is
accessed from RAM. Consider adding more RAM to your computer for better
game and PC optimization. Windows suggests that you have 1 GB of RAM
for normal computer use, so consider having at least 2-3 GB of RAM for
a computer optimized for good game play.
While some games simply run completely off of the CD or DVD each time
the game is accessed, other games are installed and are mostly run from
your hard drive making hard drive optimization important for an
optimized game play experience. While most of us know that information
like documents and music files are stored on the hard drive, it may
come as a surprise as to how this information is stored and how free
computer maintenance should be a regular part of keeping an optimized
PC. Ideally information like Picture1.jpg and Picture2.jpg would be
stored sequentially or right next to each other as to facilitate quick
and efficient access to information, but sometimes this type of file
saving does not occur. Instead Picture1.jpg could be saved on one
section of your hard drive and Picture2.jpg could be saved on another
part of your hard drive. This is bad for gamers because as your
computer tries to find these files it is slowing down your gameplay
experience leading to lag that can slow you and/or your teammates down.
This problem can be remedied and by using a free computer maintenance
application like Disk Defrag which helps organize your files to help
optimize your computer. Diks Defrag organizes all of your files, even
your gaming files so that they are located close to each other allowing
for faster access of thee files.
Even an optimized PC can be bogged down if too many programs and
application are open, and this can be a problem for gamers as well.
Windows 7, lke other Windows operating systems relies on the use of RAM
for efficient operation. If you have Microsoft Office Word open along
with many browser windows in Internet Explorer your computer may
already be operating near maximum RAM use. Launching a game would most
likely require a high RAM useage amount. So the rule of thumb is to
close down all programs and applications while playing games in Windows
7 to allow as much RAM as possible to be used for your game. Using this
tactic in conjuction with free computer maintenance applications like
Disk Defrag will allow your to run an optimized Windows 7 PC that can
efficiently run memory heavy games. Don’t be a newb, optimize your PC
with free computer maintenance.

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