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Save Money On Electricity With An Optimized PC

While we all know you can lower your electricity bills by limiting the time your computer is on, it may surprise you to find out that having an optimized PC would also save you money on electricity. Most of us often leave our computers on 24 hour a day as to facilitate the easy access of the Internet. We don’t want to wait several minutes to be able to check our e-mail, and if you have a slow computer or don’t use free computer maintenance on a regular basis your reboot time may be even longer. Making sure your computer …

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How To Remove Anti-Virus Live and Other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware and Scareware

How dreadful is it to visit a website only to have your computer infected with Anti-Virus Live or another fake or rogue fake antivirus malware program. Anti-Virus Live looks just like an antivirus program but is infact a virus itself. This type of rogueware infects your computer through security holes either in your Windows operating system or more commonly through your Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It can be almost impossible to avoid having your computer infected by this scareware even if you close the pop-ups or the window to the website itself.
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Is Windows 7 Faster than Windows Vista?

Are you still running Windows Vista and wondering if Windows 7 would be a faster and more optimized operating system? Windows Vista was designed to be the ultimate replacement for Windows XP which reigned as the dominant Microsoft operating system for years. Though the graphics interface came as a boon for Windows Vista and was seen as something fresh and new there were a multitude of other problems, including speed issues, that forced users to downgrade back to Windows XP. Microsoft recognized the general discontent with Windows Vista and made improvements to their line of operating systems with Windows 7. …

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How To Optimize Windows 7

You are running the latest and greatest operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, but are you wondering how you can optimize Windows 7? No matter not much speed your computer’s processor possesses or how much RAM your computer boasts your computer will over time become slower. It may take a while for you as the user to notice the slow computer changes but remain vigilant as these slow computer changes can be avoided if you optimize Windows 7! There are of course habits that contribute to a slow computer. For example, having dozens of browser windows open with Microsoft Word
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Malware Attacks On The Rise With Windows 7 – Protect Yourself

Take warning Windows 7 users, hacker and malware attacks are on the rise as new ways to exploit security flaws are found. Windows 7 is the most popular operating system since Windows XP making the market for exploitation desirable for those who physically hack computers or create malicious programs designed to infect your Windows 7 operating system. This information comes directly from a Microsoft malware report which reported a 30% increase of attacks on Windows 7 while Windows XP users saw a decrease of malware attacks by 20%.
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