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Is Windows 7 Faster than Windows Vista?

Are you still running Windows Vista and wondering if Windows 7 would be a faster and more optimized operating system? Windows Vista was designed to be the ultimate replacement for Windows XP which reigned as the dominant Microsoft operating system for years. Though the graphics interface came as a boon for Windows Vista and was seen as something fresh and new there were a multitude of other problems, including speed issues, that forced users to downgrade back to Windows XP. Microsoft recognized the general discontent with Windows Vista and made improvements to their line of operating systems with Windows 7. …

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How To Optimize Windows 7

You are running the latest and greatest operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, but are you wondering how you can optimize Windows 7? No matter not much speed your computer’s processor possesses or how much RAM your computer boasts your computer will over time become slower. It may take a while for you as the user to notice the slow computer changes but remain vigilant as these slow computer changes can be avoided if you optimize Windows 7! There are of course habits that contribute to a slow computer. For example, having dozens of browser windows open with Microsoft Word
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