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Slow Computer Start-Up: What Can I Do To Restore Computer Performance?

As you wait for your computer to slowly start up you may feel nostalgia for the days when your computer was not a slow computer and start up times were quick and without any errors or problems. Those days are not gone forever and with free computer maintenance you can restore and optimize your computer’s performance. Making your computer faster does not require a team of computer engineers, but it does require time and action. Learn More About Slow Computers at Free Computer MaintenanceNot everyone has the time or patience to perform computer maintenance which is why Free Computer Maintenance offers a free and easy to use PC
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How To Fix “Low Disk Space” Error In Windows

Learn About Low Disk Space Error in Microsoft Windows with Free Computer Maintenance

Computers have memory limitations and you may encounter the notorious “You are running out of disk space” or “Low Disk Space” error in your Microsoft Windows operating system. Years of saving pictures and videos of friends, family, and even your pet eventually push the amount of free space available on your computer. Most computers have more than enough Windows hard drive space to support even the most prolific photo enthusiast which may lead you as a Windows user to ask “Why am I running out of hard drive space?”…

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Tutorial: How Do I Fix Computer Hard Drive Errors?

Many factors go into how efficiently a computer processes information, but few are as important as keeping hard drive with minimal errors through free computer maintenance. A computer processor, RAM and a hard drive all work in concert to deliver an interactive experience. Computers can slow down over time even if a computer accesses only a few program in its lifetime. Understanding how a hard drive writes and searches for information is an important computer efficiency concept. A beginning computer user can use this concept as well as other computer maintenance ideas to retain peak computer performance.Fix Computer Hard Drive Errors with Free Computer Maintenance Software

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How To Free Up Disk Space

The maintenance of the amount of free disk space is an important part of computer maintenance overall. Newer computers come equip with large hard drives, but even the largest hard drives can suffer from information bloat without free computer maintenance. Having too many unnecessary files can slow down your computer and only regular computer maintenance can prevent your computer’s hard drive from having too many unnecessary or old files.Learn More About How To Free Up Disk Space With Free Computer Maintenance

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Check Your Computer for Errors

Learn More About Checking Your Computer For Errors With Free Computer MaintenanceChecking your computer for errors the Windows operating system is a computer maintenance issue rarely thought about but still crucial to speeding up a slow computer. Even the most advanced or expensive hard drive degrades over time, even with minimal use. Few hard drives are used minimally and are usually used full time to store photos, music files or video files. These files are spread over various portions of a hard drive, regardless of which application or program is using the file. The problem lies in natural hardware defects and in this case, a bad sector on a …

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