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What are Cookies on the Internet?

what are web cookiesA cookie is a small bit of information that a website puts on your computer hard drive so it can remember something about you at a later time. When you revisit the site that created the cookie, your browser shares the cookie with the site while it’s loading the page. This is usually for the purpose of reminding the website about useful information such as custom preferences you may have set during your last visit or remembering the username and password to log you back into a site without having to retype the information.

Cookies are designed to save you …

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files that store useful information. Cookies can be used for authentication for certain websites, storing information about a shopping cart, storing user preferences, and many other things. The type of cookie defines its function:

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What Does That Mean? Too Many Cookies? Too Much Cache?

From the sound of it, having too much cache and cookies, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. But, in the case of a computer, it can cause a computer slow down.Learn About Cookies And Cache with Free Computer Maintenance

What are cookies and cache?

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