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How To Optimize Windows 7

So you’ve just upgraded to the latest and greatest Windows operating system or maybe you have had it for quite some time now but have the same question: How Do I Optimize Windows 7? Navigating around Windows 7’s graphical interface may be a richer experience but if your computer takes several seconds or even minutes to open programs and applications like an Internet browser you may be kicking yourself and wish you had just stuck with Windows XP. Fret not! Windows 7 can be optimized using free computer maintenance, a process that not only makes your computer faster and run
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How An Optimized Laptop Increases Battery Life

So many of us who use laptops are painfully aware of one of its limitations, battery life, but are often unaware that an optimized laptop increases battery life. Laptop batteries have increased in efficiency over the years with the introduction of multi-cell lithium-ion batteries but often do not last more than a few hours even after being fully charged. It may come as a surprise to learn that lithium batteries loose 1% of their charge capacity with each charge and even the very best laptop batteries become useless after 1,000 or so charges. Many of us try our best to
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How To Optimize Windows 7 For Gaming

Nothing can be more aggravating then to have your computer slow down while playing a computer game like Starcraft II, which makes knowing how to optimize a Windows 7 computer for gaming crucial for all of your hardcore gamers out there. I’m sure you all have experienced it either
directly or indirectly through someone else’s computer, but there is no
doubt you have experienced the pain that comes with a slow computer
while playing a game that demands an optimized computer. The more
impressive games out today require lots of system resources, powerful
processors, and massive amounts of hard drive
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Save Money On Electricity With An Optimized PC

While we all know you can lower your electricity bills by limiting the time your computer is on, it may surprise you to find out that having an optimized PC would also save you money on electricity. Most of us often leave our computers on 24 hour a day as to facilitate the easy access of the Internet. We don’t want to wait several minutes to be able to check our e-mail, and if you have a slow computer or don’t use free computer maintenance on a regular basis your reboot time may be even longer. Making sure your computer …

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How To Remove Anti-Virus Live and Other Rogue/Fake Antivirus Malware and Scareware

How dreadful is it to visit a website only to have your computer infected with Anti-Virus Live or another fake or rogue fake antivirus malware program. Anti-Virus Live looks just like an antivirus program but is infact a virus itself. This type of rogueware infects your computer through security holes either in your Windows operating system or more commonly through your Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It can be almost impossible to avoid having your computer infected by this scareware even if you close the pop-ups or the window to the website itself.
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