Month: October 2011

Firefox Tricks to Become More Productive on the Web

At work, out of work, if you’re on a computer, you’re likely to be on the Internet.  So, it makes sense to have some developed surfing skills to help you surf a long as if you’ve been doing it all your life.  Here are some ways to help you feign that expertise or to verify it.…

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5 Tips to Speed Up Your Firefox Web Browser

The internet is an excellent resource and a valuable tool, though if you’ve ever had to go online, you’ve also had to wait for the browser to launch and for webpages to load. Waiting for a single webpage to load may not take much time, but small delays from various processes can add up and significantly slow down your browser. There are a variety of ways to improve a browser’s performance, and this guide will help you speed up your Mozilla Firefox browser.…

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3 Add-ons to Increase Your Productivity in Windows Explorer

Unless you’re not using a Windows machine, it’s more than likely Windows Explorer is one of the programs you use often.  It navigates, opens, deletes and modifies files, and serves like a window into your machine.  It is a complete necessity and holds a burden only a Mac’s Path Finder can relate to.  With something  you use so often it only makes sense to customize and personalize it to increase computer productivity.

Here are some free Windows Explorer add-ons that will help you tackle your technological voyages and save you time and money.…

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How to clean your PC for free

Finding a PC doctor, aka computer technician, to fix slow or freezing computers can be a bothersome task that many users would rather not experience. Some PC doctors can perform PC clean-up tasks with great accuracy, however they can be expensive. Users on a budget want to know “how can I clean my PC for free?

Computer freezes can sometimes be fixed by running a simple PC clean-up program. Downloading a free PC maintenance program can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent waiting for a program to load or a file to save.…

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25 Windows shortcuts to save you time

As the saying goes, time is money, and this couldn’t be more true when you are trying to accomplish work on a computer. Based on your computer knowledge, simple tasks can take longer than expected if you don’t know some common keyboard shortcuts or if you don’t know what exactly you are doing.

To help you save time (and money) the next time you use a computer, here are 25 Windows keyboard shortcuts that can come in handy during many computing situations.…

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