Need a computer tune-up? Free computer maintenance makes a PC tune-up easy

Need a computer tune-up?Need a computer tune up? The best computer maintenance to get is free computer maintenance. PC maintenance can be a hassle, but luckily there are ways to perform a PC tune up with very little distress.

The tools necessary for free computer maintenance are already on your computer, which makes the entire process free of charge. Learn how to perform a free computer tune up and never pay for expensive tune up programs again.

Free computer maintenance:

1) Updates

Performing regular system updates will ensure that you have the latest security patches and the best drivers for your hardware. Failing to have the latest updates leaves your computer vulnerable to security breaches. Turn on your system updates to have a free computer tune up every time there are updates available.

2) Performance Check

A computer’s hardware is a vital factor that determines how fast or slow it can perform certain actions. A very large computer speed boost will come from upgrading its hardware. This might not be a free method, however it will most certainly boost your computers speed. To determine the hardware that will speed up your computer the most use a performance check.

Click “Start” and enter “Performance” into the search box. Select “Performance Information and Tools.” The lowest number is the hardware you should consider upgrading for the largest speed boost.

3) Action Center

Use the Action Center for indications that you need to perform a PC tune up. The Action Center is always running even if you do not see it. It will inform you when there is a problem or issue that is slowing or compromising your computer.

4) ReadyBoost

Use a spare USB memory drive to increase your computers available RAM. This alone is a great way to perform a free computer tune up. The computer will utilize the spare memory on a USB memory drive to perform every day functions such as web browsing and editing photos. You must make sure that the USB memory drive has at least 1 GB of space on it.

5) CPU monitoring

Another great free PC tune-up is to closely monitor what your CPU is spending its resources doing. A slow computer might just be the symptom of a large program running in the background, which is easily solvable.

Open the task manager and click on the “Processes” tab. This shows the allocation of processing power between the different programs your CPU is running. If there is a program that is hogging your CPU power end it. Ensure that you have saved all work before doing this though.

6) Virus and spyware protection

Viruses and spyware can slow down a PC very quickly and can sometimes completely ruin a hard drive. Use Microsoft Security Essentials to check for malicious software and remove it. Additionally, it is recommended to always have a firewall active when browsing the Internet.

7) Disk Defragmentation

Hard drives can become cluttered with many files in different areas. To de-clutter a hard drive perform a Disk Defragmentation. This is another fantastic way to have free computer maintenance.

Click “Start” then in the search box type “Disk Defrag” and select “Disk Defragmenter.” Perform a disk defragmentation on each hard drive if deemed necessary by the analysis.

Utilize these methods of free computer maintenance to speed up your computer for free. A PC tune up will eventually become necessary as time goes on and to avoid high prices that companies charge for a PC tune up remember the steps above.

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