Why Windows 8 Will Speed Up your Computer Use

Windows 8 will make my PC faster

In case you are not aware, Microsoft has testing well underway for the upcoming iteration of it Windows operating system, Window 8. In fact, the new Microsoft OS is expected to be released sometime this year.

With that said, Windows 8 will completely change how we use our computers. Currently, we are used to the traditional boot up process that all computers go through. You press the power button, a black screen appears with a lot of scrolling text, the Windows logo eventually appears, and then the Windows graphical environment that we all know and love finally comes up at least 60 seconds after we pressed the power button.

Windows 8 will change this. If your main concern with your PC is speed, which it is for most visitors of our Free Computer Maintenance site, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of booting up Windows 8.

In a fast boot video of Windows 8, shared by Microsoft, a laptop fully loads Windows 8 ready to use in a matter of 7 seconds! How’s that for speed.

Instead of loading the full Windows interface, computers will initially load a minimalistic screen with a few icons of common tasks. For instance, there may be a button for email and another to surf the web. If you are a light computer user, these tasks most likely comprise most of what you use your computer for. It’s quick and easy for any user. If you happen to use additional programs often, then you always have the option of clicking a button to load the full Windows interface as we know it, complete with the desktop and start menu.

According to Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, “We designed Windows 8 so that you shouldn’t have to boot all that often. But when you do boot we want it to be as fast as possible.”

Windows 8 may drastically change our perception of the speed of computers. Part of the reason why our computer can run slow today is because of the amount of data that must be loaded for every task from booting up the computer to loading the Windows interface to opening the program that you want to use. Then, with all of these tasks taking up valuable memory space, we experience the slow speeds that we all despise.

Free Computer Maintenance will still be necessary to keep things in top shape, but rest assured that with the next version of Windows we won’t have to suffer through the long process of booting up Windows just to surf the web.

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