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How To Perform A Clean Installation of Windows Vista

Upgrading Windows operating systems has become a nearly painless task over the years, but with Windows Vista a clean installation is always best.

However you might be wondering how to perform a clean installation of Windows Vista. Before installing any operating system cleanly there are reasons to consider why this is the best choice and if you have the necessary Windows Vista installation requirements.

Learn More About How To Perform A Clean Installation of Windows Vista With Free Computer Maintenance

  • Drivers that cannot perform with new operating systems will present themselves and allow users to identify which need updates and which do not.
  • Formatting your hard drive is a great way to get rid of
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How To Schedule Windows Update in Windows 7

Type "Windows Update" into the Windows 7 Search Box To Schedule An Update

Since the release of Windows 7 in 2009 there have been many improvements to the security features including the ability to schedule Windows Update in Windows 7. Many steps can be taken to optimize Windows 7, but possibly the most important is to make sure software is kept up to date. This can be done manually however; a much easier method is available. Optimize Windows 7 in just a few easy steps with free computer maintenance.

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