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How To Hide Files On Your Computer

There are many reasons you may need to hide files on your computer. There are also several methods for hiding these files, and the simplest ones are quite effective for most people. Start by bringing multiple files you want hidden together into the same folder, if practical. It’s quicker to hide an entire folder than to hide individual files.
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How To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

If you’ve used a computer for a while with no effective maintenance on it, you may be begging for information on how to speed up your slow computer. There are three major problems that cause your computer’s speed to drop: fragmentation, front-loaded software, and temporary files draining memory. Because most slow computers have all these problems, you need to address them simultaneously as well as you can. By repairing problems in your slow computer and eliminating things you don’t use, you can optimize the speed of your computer, potentially making it faster than when it was new.
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Help! How to Secure a New Computer

Immediately after purchasing, you should always secure a new computer. That is, you should set up services and programs in your computer in such a manner that identity thieves and others who may mean you harm cannot get into your computer and personal data.
Your first step should always be setting up your firewall and virus software. Firewalls prevent online intrusions; picture them like a one-way door that allows you to access the Internet, but doesn’t allow uninvited online guests in. For most new computers, Windows Firewall is pre-installed and you don’t have to do anything further. However, you should
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Help! How To Fix Computer Audio Problems

A computer’s audio problems can be caused in a multitude of ways. Hardware and software both have the potential to disrupt normal computer audio performance. Additional 3rd party software can also control the computers sound level and settings. Following a step-by-step method is a great way to identify why sound won’t work. This method covers many common fixes used by computer experts. Take control and fix computer audio problems without the help of expensive service companies.

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How To Add Windows Vista Parental Controls

Adding parental control to Windows Vista is a great choice for parents who want to protect children from the less desirable side of computers. Adding computer parental control gives parents the ability to monitor actions on the system and block unwanted programs and websites.

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