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How To Turn Off Your Computer Properly in Windows 7

Many computer users are unaware of how to turn off your computer properly in Windows 7. Fortunately, there are safe ways to go about this task and not harm the computer in the process. Shutting down the computer with unsafe methods can cause harm to the hard drive and can also lead to memory loss. Unsaved work can be lost, which leads to frustrated computer users. Windows 7 contains a program that instructs the computer to shut down in a safe manner. Simply unplugging the power defeats the purpose of this program that you paid good money for. Following a …

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How To Back-Up Your Files and Data

Unfortunately, we never know what may happen to our computers and with windows 7, the question of how to back-up your files and data has become less of a question. The Windows/Microsoft back-up feature is a standard component of the product and can save time, money and headaches for windows 7 users.
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How To Prevent Low Memory Problems in Windows 7

Disk clean up and disk defrag procedures are often used in windows 7 to prevent low memory problems, and when used effectively these steps will help your computer perform more efficiently and effectively. When your computer does not have enough memory to accommodate all of the actions you would like to complete at one time, Windows 7 begins to slow down and some programs will stop working completely. The low memory warning from windows 7 should be thought of as free computer maintenance, as it tells you when there is a problem that needs to be corrected before it becomes
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How To Protect Your Computer From E-Mail Threats

If you regularly use email, you could be leaving your computer open to a multitude of threats. However, following some simple free computer maintenance tips can help you protect your computer from e-mail threats. Identity thieves, hackers, and other criminals use email to gain access to your personal information, so it’s important that you cut them off at the pass with these simple tips.
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How To Prevent Browser Attacks

It’s every computer users’ worst fear – you’re cruising along on the internet, minding your own business, when suddenly you become the victim of one of the millions of browser attacks that happens every year. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself from browser and hacker attacks, using simple (and free) computer maintenance tips.
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