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How to help your parents learn how to use technology

For older generations, the first computers that came out served specialized purposes and niche needs.  It was no wonder they didn’t bother to learn about them until they became more powerful and more useful. Now computer are almost a necessity.

For this reason, more often than not, older people (such as your parents) will probably just call someone (like you) to fix it instead of learning the process themselves.  Everyone also has that one or two friends that have no idea how to use technology.  Either way, this post is to help you help them catch their own fish.

Google …

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How to make your old computer run like new

As time goes on our computers become more and more cluttered from the demands we put on them.  New, old and removed programs can clutter your hard drive with unused files, and junk builds up as we use our PCs to explore the messy Internet.

In addition, the programs that once ran so well on your computer regularly get updated with new features that demand more from our computers than the previous versions. All of this can make a fairly new computer run like an old PC that has been through the ringer.  If your computer no longer runs like …

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How to speed up your PC for free

Before I learned the information I now know about PCs, my computers all had one thing in common;  they were slow and self destructive.  Being an uninformed PC user, I made many common computer maintenance mistakes as it was not uncommon for my computers to periodically crash or for them to experience long boot times.

I thought it was because my computer was out-of-date and I because I didn’t have expensive hardware and software.  Little did I know, however, that there are many things you can do to speed up your PC for free.

If you can relate, here are …

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How to fix a virus-infected computer

How to fix a virus infected computerComputer viruses, like human diseases, can widely vary in terms of deadliness, longevity and ease of treatment or removal.

If you are trying to fix a virus-infected computer, there are certain steps you can take no matter what the problem is, whether it’s a virus or malware.

Here are some tips to get your virus-infected PC back to its original, working state.…

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How to Set Windows Vista to Automatically Install Updates

Windows Update is a Microsoft service that provides updates for Windows Vista and its installed components on your computer. Many different kinds of updates can be installed, from security updates to critical system updates that protect against newly discovered malware and system exploits. These updates can provide significant benefits to system security and reliability.

You can set Windows Vista  to automatically install recommended updates. To have Windows install important updates as they become available, automatic updating must be turned on using Windows Update. Follow these steps to turn on automatic updating for Windows Vista:…

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