Author: George Chiang

Ways to Keep your Windows Desktop Organized

Fences for Windows Desktop organizationIn addition to the toolbar and shortcuts used in Windows, there are more modifications you can utilize to create a more efficient and functional desktop to suit more of your needs. These third party Windows programs offer what the standard interface does not… and they’re all free.…

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Speed up your PC: Automate your computer maintenance schedule

In our previous articles we have mentioned the importance of maintenance.  Generally, this includes the three D’s; disk defragging, disk checking, and disk cleaning.

Some people recommend that they are done weekly, which can make PC maintenance a rather time-wasting effort.  Just see for yourself. Here, we have a comprehensive (rather long) guide of built-in ways to schedule some of these tasks. These steps below are for Windows 7 PC’s, although they should also be valid for Windows Vista.

Or… of course you could simply sign up for our Free Computer Maintenance software, which will incredibly reduce the time …

Ensuring Maximum Performance on Windows 7 Systems

A while back we shared some tips on how to make Windows Vista perform at a faster and more efficient manner.  Now we want to do that for Windows 7 but not to only say the same things but to build on it and add some other tips Vista users may use as well.

Disabling Search Index

Since Vista, Microsoft has incorporated a neat feature in Windows 7 that’s very accessible, the search function.  Pressing “Start” or the WINDOWS button there is a small search field on the bottom that functions very similarly with Mac’s Quicksilver.  The difference is that …

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How to Extend your Laptop’s Battery Life

These days, as netbooks and laptops keep shrinking and shrinking, the resources required for the many programs users run keep growing and growing.

We expect our programs to run as well as they can on a desktop, yet still maintain the advantage of portability and accessibility anywhere, anytime.

This, of course, has its disadvantages as well, the most Customizing your laptop so that it does less work is key to its laptop performance and increasing the laptop battery life.  Here are some ways you can do just that.…

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How to Speed Up Your Internet Without Spending Money

With the Internet invading every home and work place there’s more and more content on the web.  It’s no wonder everyone has a desire to have a faster internet connection.

If you feel like your connection has been a bit more decrepit or travels at the speed of a turtle here are some steps to take.…

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